Tapioca Starch Project Consulting

Cassava / Tapioca Starch Project Consulting

We at SVM Tapioca have a tremendous experience in Indian Tapioca Sago Starch Industry development. Our founder Chairman and CEO of SVM Tapioca Mr T R Manisekaran, has a very important role in developing the shape of Sago Industry in India, which includes the Top 10 factory owners today, in and around Salem and Namakkal District of Tamilnadu.                  

Our industry survival depends on knowledge sharing and we have done the same for the past 40 years. To make our Sago and Starch Industry to meet international standards in the near future, we have coming forward to Consulting Starch Processing technology as per European Standards. Our machinery suppliers are Internationally renown and has supplied more than 70+factories worldwide.          

turnkey starch processing 

We provide full turkey project solution from Plant Foundation to Product Trials. Our suppliers are proven worldwide with spares and  services available in India.

Tapioca Starch Procesisng Flowchart

Native Tapioca Starch Processing - Turnkey Project

1. Fully Automated Line
2. Less number of Skilled Staffs
3. International Starch Quality, GMP with CIP
4. Food Grade, Industrial Grade and Pharma Grade Solutions
5. Project Management, Training with NDA Contracts and Technology Safety