About SVM Tapioca Sago

In Tapioca Sago & Starch business since 1962

'R. Ramasamy & Sons, Sri Velmurugan Sago Factory' (a.k.a SVM Sago), was incepted in year 1962 by the sons of our Late. Mr. R. Ramasamy Gounder who was our first generation entrepreneur. As a Joint-family business, the company was owned and managed by Mr. T R Manisekaran & Mr. T R Palanivel (The Management) who both have grown the company and the organization until 2017 with high Good-will for themselves and the Sago Industry.

Since 2018 and currently Mr T R Manisekaran (Chairman & CEO) and Mr. Anand.M (Managing Director), have taken the responsibility of the Starch and Sago businesses to Next Generation. Now in the name of SVM Tapioca has been developed with advanced starch machinery infrastrusture with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 22000:2018 HACCP, ISO9001:2015 certifications.

Food Industry

Sago / Sabudana

As the Sago Industry has evolved our company has developed technologies in the earlier stages to simplify the Sago Manufacturing Process and Improve the Taste and Quality. We have also helped and consulted many Sago Factories in and around Salem, Namakkal, & Attur to develop standards in the past 30 years.

Our company 'R. Ramasamy & Sons, Sri Velmurugan Sago Factory' since inception has been working towards product quality and good-will from customers. During the change process to next generation, our business is steping into future in the form of 'SVM Tapioca Private Limited'.

Looking into longterm, we have developed the State-of-Art facility for manufacturing Native Tapioca Starch and Tapioca Sago. Our fully Automated machinery are imported from Germany, Turkey and Inner-Mongolia for processing Tapioca Tubers and converting into Starch. Today we are one of the leading manufacturer of Quality Native Tapioca Starch for International & Domestic markets.

Apart from Sago we have also ventured into other business as follows:

Fruit Pulp

We have supported, dveloped, and established a state of art Fruit Pulp and Fruit Drink factory in Krishnagiri with more than 16000tons capacity of Mango Pulp per year.

Fruit Drinks

Being in the Food business for such a long time, along with our Fruit Pulp business, we have ventured into Food and Retail, promoted by our third generation management Mr Anand. We have a very vast experience in implementing a water bottling and Fruit drink plant in Sallah, Sultanate of Oman.  Our Fruit drink product has its presence in South Indian market, known for Mango and Appple Fruit Drinks, Bread Rusks, and Retail Sago.


"When there is Education, There is Growth". We have established ourselves in the history diversifying in Education, by developing K-12Grade Schools, Diploma Polytechnique Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Pharmacy and Nursing Institutes, College of Education, & Teacher Training Instituties. 'Paavai Institutions', was developed by our directors, partnering with the expert in Quality Education and an eminent Chartered Accountant, 'Mr. N.V. Natarajan'. Our company Chairman & CEO Mr. T R Manisekaran is currently the Vice-Chairman for Paavai Institutions. For more information about our institution visit www.paavai.edu.in