Our Starch & Sago Brands

SVM Tapioca & Hugo Fresh

Our Tapioca Sago is catered though out India and Global Market since 1962 in the name of SVM and SLVT. Since 2016 we have rebranded ourselves for the next generation as "SVM Tapioca" and "Hugo Fresh" for of our Sago as well as Starch products. Moreover since 2018 from our new Native Tapioca Starch factory, we have proven ourselves among satisfying customers for our exceptional quality standards. Today  Hugo Fresh is our flagship brand for Sago and Starch to meet both Domestic and International markets.             

Tapioca Sago or Sabudhana (in hindi) has its history for more than 70 years, which is a basic food in the west, middle and northern states of India. Made out of Tapioca Starch of Cassava or Tapioca roots (Manihot esculenta). Like Potato, Tapioca root is grown below soil unlike Maize which is grown above soil. Sago made from 100% Tapioca is one of the high starch and high energy nutrient food of all its kind.