Quality Sago as a Vision !

We in "Sri Velmurugan Sago Factory", being in the Sago Production for more than 50 years, have come across various developments and Consumers' changes in their needs. Based on our consumers' requirements, the industry has forged itself to be unique from others and we are developing Sago to be the most affordable and edible food.

This new age of Food Processing comes with high quality standards and food safety assurance. We believe the essence of our Sago business is commitment for our stakeholders' growth.

Our Mission - हमारे मिशन

Our Mission is to impart our consumer base with food safety and awareness on Sago and deliver our product range with international standards.

Our Vision - हमारा उद्देश्य

Our vision is making sago an healthier, affordable, and high quality organic food and about meeting consumers' needs in all the segments.

Our Values - हमारे मूल्यों

Our Values focus on the development of the consumer base and the industry as a whole concentrating on a sustainable business.

  • S - Safest starch food in the Industry
  • A - Affordable Price for all segments
  • G - Grow consumer health awareness
  • O - Offer customer satisfaction